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 Look up, up, up into
those billion billion sparkling stars.
What dreams do you find?
Little dreams, big dreams,
each a hope looking for a life to make it real –
a life like yours.
Be a Dreamer.


                                             Join the Club of Dreamers






DREAM MAKER LIST ( biographical information can be located at  www.biographyonline.net)




Use  STEPS  to stay on track.

Remember... as Benjamin Franklin stated: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."








APRIL 8 - 10


1.  Monologue or answers to questions should be completed. Remember, you are talking as if you are your Dream Maker.

    Your speech should be proving how you dared to be different and changed the world.

    Discuss at least 3 character traits.

    Be creative and add lots of elaboration. 

2. Poem needs to be completed by April 15 - 17

3. Choice Challenge - in-class work - please bring any necessary materials.


March 18 - 20: Completion of Exploration

1. All point form research notes should be completed by the end of class.

2. All sources need to be cited in a BIBLIOGRAPHY.



March 4 - 6:  Continue to Explore

1. All your LOTS and HOTS questions should be created.

2. Begin writing point form jot notes that will answer each question. Collect lots of details.

3. All research notes need to be completed by March 18 - 20th.

4. Make sure you record the sites or books that you used to gather information on a BIBLIOGRAPHY


Feb. 26 - 27th Explore

1. Write at least 12 - 15  W5 and HOT questions  on a google document

2. Sort, choose and organize your best questions into categories - childhood, education, personality, accomplishments

3. Explore resources to answer your questions.

4. Choose the best 4 or 5 sources and record the web address or bibliographical information.

5. Begin answering each question using "jog" notes - minimal points that will jog your memory


Feb. 18 - 20:      Target  ( Tuesday class will complete on Feb. 25th due to snow day)

1. Write at least 8 - 10 W5 questions that will help you gain knowledge and understanding of your Dream Maker's life and accomplishments.

2. Write your  ESSENTIAL QUESTION : What do you want to find out or prove?

                                                                How Might I ....

3. HOT questions  require higher order thinking.  Use the Q- Matrix to write at least 3 HOT questions about your Dream Maker.

    This will help you dig deeper into your person's personality and how he/she dared to be different.


Feb. 11-13th :  Set the Stage


1.  Discuss the project outline with your parents. Get signatures.

2.  Research at least 3 Dream Makers and make an informed decision on the person you want to investigate.

3.  Complete the Dream Maker Rationale sheet.  Include 3 valid reasons why you want to study this person.



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