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Creative Thinking 


"Imagination is more important than knowledge."  - Albert Einstein


The ability to generate and extend ideas, to suggest hypotheses, to apply 

imagination, and to look for alternatives.




EGGS! Here's a great story about what one community has done with Easter Eggs. Click here.

What do you think? What other uses can you think of for Easter Eggs?





What if you found an egg the size of a watermelon in your backyard?  List at least seven things that could hatch from it.  Don’t forget to….Choose the funniest idea and write a poem about it.







Look at the clues in every line to solve each riddle. The riddles are made up of phrases and sentences that contain clues to the answer and the answers are all homonyms! Once you have solved them, write one of your own for all of us to try! Here is a link to homonyms to help you with your word choices before you write your riddle!

Create a tricky dooriddle and I will post it here for others to solve.


1.     Alone I lift loads,
       With hi I steal the plane;
       Or I’m a boy’s name
       Like Billy, Sam or Wayne.
            What am I?


2.   A rope can’t be tied
      If it doesn’t have me;

     Add me to guilty
     And that person goes free
            What am I?


3.   Student Dooriddle
       I’m what farmers do
         when planting trees
      Or a small fruit
         that grows on bushes
            What am I?






Thinking is the key!


 The Thinker’s Keys were invented by Tony Ryan.  They are used to encourage and develop creative thinking.  The keys are designed to unlock different parts of the thinking process, developing flexible problem solving and thinking habits. 



 Each week, choose 1 activity to complete, record it in your 'Inking About Thinking' notebook and

 share with Mrs. C. on your SOAR day.  These don’t need to be completed in any order – you can pick

 and choose the tasks as you wish!











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