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The Best Part of Me

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                                                                                                                                                The Best Part of Me

By: Wendy Ewalds


Think about what your best feature is. Are your eyes, nose, legs, mouth, arms or even your ears

the best part of you?



  • Describe in at least five sentences/lines(poem) the "Best Part of You".
  • Include supporting details that include a description of your best feature, what your best feature helps you do, and what life would be like without your best feature.
  • Make sure your description shows your uniqueness - a special talent, a favourite hobby or a funny quirk. 
  • Word choice is important. Add descriptive, interesting adjectives. (Hint: Use a thesaurus.. nice, big, small, pretty, cute are dead!)
  • Include a simile
  • Be creative...think outside the photo! 


 Step 1 

  • Brainstorm  ideas using the graphic organizer.
  • Write a rough draft.
  • Call in the COPS ( capitals, organization, punctuation, spelling)
  • Create a document on Google Docs and type your description.
  • Check in with Mrs. C. 


Step 2 

  • Display your description and body part using the PicWall App on an Ipad ( download for free)
  • Choose a background using the canvas icon or your use your own photo 
  • Take an interesting picture of your original part - be creative
  • Place or resize your photo wherever you want with your fingers 
  • Type the text (Aa) - your description in desired format
  • Resize, move, change colour, font 
  • HAVE FUN!!


WARNING: You can't save and edit later. Once you have the type on the page it cannot be edited. You have to type the whole thing again. 


Step 3


  • When your Best Part of Me is finished to your satisfaction, e-mail it to your Google Docs account

      and to Mrs. C. - cindcarl@ed.amdsb.ca






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