S.O.A.R. STAR

                   SPRING NEWSLETTER


             WEEKLY AGENDA




             June 11  

             Alice Through the Looking Glass

             - Meet Mrs. C. at the front doors of the Avon Theatre at 10:40 for prologue

             - Bring a picnic lunch - no backpacks

             - 2:00 performance and pick up at front doors at 4:10 pm

             - No regular SOAR class this week

             - There is no bussing to the theatre; please arrange your own transportation 



                 June 12 


              - Meet Mrs. C. in room 144 at 5:45 with your costume, cue cards, and props.

             - Remember your exhibit number

             - Have your parents take your treat to your exhibit.

             - You need a card explaining the connections between your snack

                 and your Dream Maker.  Think of a cool name!            



             June 17 - 19 - LAST SOAR CLASS  - AUCTION

                                  - bring items to trade







          "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."  ~ Benjamin Franklin  

             Follow the STEPS Inquiry research process to stay on track.



            DUE DATES:

            Set the stage         choose a Dream Maker to research              Feb. 25 - 27

                Target                   create LOT and HOT QUESTIONS                  March 4 - 6

            Explore                  find answers/ use point form notes            March 18- 20

             Products                write a Monologue                                       April 8 - 10  

                                         Choice Challenge Products                           May 13 - 15

                                         IN-CLASS PRESENTATION                             May  27 -29/ June 3 - 5

            So What?               What did I learn?    

                                         Self-Evaluation                                            June 10 - 12

                                         Show what you know

                                         EVENING WITH EAGLES                                June 12th  - 6:00 p.m. NWSS Cafeteria


***  Remember to discuss your display board, costume and snack ideas with your parents. 












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