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The Inventive Genius

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To err is human and in some cases, it has led to great things! Some inventors are not only smart, they are also alert. Even though an idea they had failed, they found another use for their failure. Some of these mistakes turned out to be fun, interesting, and sometimes humorous.  The mistakes that worked are from many different areas and have many different uses.


Research inventions that were created by accident or serendipity ( the AHA factor!). You must record information in point form about at least one invention on your GOOGLE DOCS account. Try to find an unusual one that no one else will have. Use the W5 format: 

 WHO was the inventor?

 WHAT did he or she invent?

 WHERE was the invention created?

 WHEN was it invented?

 WHY did this mistake happen? 

 HOW was the mistake turned into an invention that we use today? 

 Any other interesting facts that you want to include to write your invention story?                   



CHALLENGE -You will use the information you collect to collaborate

with other students to create a GRATE MISTEAKS Google Presentation.

Success Criteria:

 Your presentation will:

   1.  explain in paragraph form at least 5 inventions that were created by mistake

   2.  include an introduction, conclusion and bibliography

   3.  an interesting quote about mistakes

   4. graphics and pictures to add pizzazz


Each group member will present the information to the class in a creative manner. Do not read the slides.




15 Inventions That Were Mistakes

Tasty Mistakes

Fun Mistakes

Sticky Situations


Mistakes That Worked! Puzzle



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