Out of Board Enrichment Opportunities



Various enrichment opportunities offered by groups outside of our Board are outlined in this section. Brief descriptions about conferences and activities are listed below. For more information, click on the links below or talk to your resource teacher. Another useful website is www.DiscoverTeenergy.com.



Adventures in Citizenship: This program promotes a greater understanding and appreciation of citizenship in Canada. It runs for one week in May in the National Capital Region. You will attend Parliament, hear lectures, attend social events and meet students from across Canada. You must be 16 to 19 years old. The local Rotary Club tends to sponsor such activities. They conduct interviews in late February : contact your guidance by January.


Aventis Biotech Challenge: This is similar to a Science Fair competition. Students are to invent and present research. Major prizes are awarded. The deadline is mid December. The event is held in May at the Ontario Science Centre. For more information visit: http://sanofibiotalentchallenge.ca/about/


Campus Days at Waterloo University: These days occur during March Break. Each faculty has a presentation on their program. For more information, see Guidance Counsellor.


Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs: This is a forum for discussing themes related to national and international issues relevant to Canada. It is an annual summer conference at Geneva Park Orillia, ON. Two senior students per school may attend. The deadline is early April. www.couch.ca


Deep River Science Academy: Students will take part in cutting-edge scientific experiments. The program offers two-credit courses in Biology, Chemistry or Physics at either Deep River or Whiteshell Labs. Students must have completed at least one grade 11 Science credit before applying. The fee is in excess of $3700.00. However, a company sponsors most students who attend. Applications are available mid-December and due early in April. http://www.drsa.ca/


Encounters with Canada: This week-long program is held in Ottawa at the Terry Fox Centre. It is for students aged 15-17 years. Each week has a different theme. Examples include business, arts and culture, journalism, law, etc.. The cost is approximately $600.00. $100 - $200 bursaries might be available. http://www.encounters-rencontres.ca


Engineering Science Quest: The University of Waterloo runs a number of engineering and science camps during the summer for students from grades 1-9. For more information, contact the University of Waterloo. http://www.esq.uwaterloo.ca/


Forum for Young Canadians: This forum brings together more than 500 senior high school students in Ottawa in order to study government, meet the country’s leaders and participate in a mock election and simulate a House of Commons session. Applications are due in mid-November and the program runs in March and April. Cost is approximately $700.00 (community funding might be available) http://www.igloo.org/forum


Global Vision: This program encourages young Canadians to learn more about the global economy through sessions held at the University of Waterloo. Students attending this 3 day session may apply to become a member of the Junior Team Canada Economic Mission who travel overseas to make connections with foreign businesses. The cost is approximately $50. This program is traditionally offered in April. http://beta.globalvision.ca


Guelph Connection: This day long conference is aimed at students who have applied to U of Guelph. The university will mail you information. An excellent conference to find out what university life is all about at the U of Guelph.

High School Debating: The Ontario Student Debating Union offers competitions and a provincial seminar. To obtain more information visit the website at www.osdu.on.ca.

HOBY: Three-day leadership conference for grade 10 students during the first weekend of May. Topics covered include entrepreneurship, education, media, business, technology etc.. Students are expected to take on leadership roles at their school. Contact your guidance department.


Katimavik: For seven months, students age 17-21 will work in teams of 10 on community projects across Canada. As a volunteer, you will develop leadership skills, improve your understanding of environmental issues and engage in stimulating projects. www.Katimavik.org


Lake St. George Field Centre Environmental Study Credit: Earn a grade 12 Environmental Science credit at this residential field center in Oak Ridges, ON. Sessions are in July and August (apply by mid-March) www.trca.on.ca


Exchanges Canada Youth Exchanges Canada provides funding to support group two-way exchanges for Canadians generally between the ages of 12 and 17. Groups of 10 to 30 youth, from different regions of the country are twinned according to their age and interests. Each participant takes turns hosting their twin in their home. Participants play an active role in planning the exchange, communicate regularly with their twin, conduct research on the exchange communities and participate in fundraising. http://www.exchanges.gc.ca


Math Contests: The Universities of Waterloo, Toronto and Windsor are a few examples of universities that offer Math Contests. Check with your Math department teachers and/or guidance counsellor for contest dates.


Metro Catholic U of Toronto Student Conference: This one day conference at the University of Toronto explores a variety of topics. Professors and graduate students lead the workshops. The conference is in February and the cost is $20.00 per student. See your resource teacher for information in January.