Grade 7 Resources

Grade 7 Resources
Thanks to the The Lambton Kent District School Board for creating these links



WebquestsJourney North - an interactive project where students track wildlife migration and seasonal change across North America



 Mathematics Puzzles Website - a variety of mathematics puzzles at varying levels.

ENRICH Mathematics - a variety of problems and online logical Mathematics games (for individuals & partners)

Mathletics -- You never thought math was in sports? Just think about it.... Every sport uses numbers in some way, whether it's for scoring, determining averages, or figuring percentages. And when numbers are involved, it usually means math is as well.

Math Counts -- visit the problem of the week & archive for some challenging math problems!

Term 1 Strand 2 - NumerationFracttionsProbability.


This Day In History - general history information related to events which happened on specific dates.

Boil, Boil, Toil & Trouble - an online collaborative project which allows students to compare their results with classrooms around the world.