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Differentiation for the Gifted Learner


"The surest path to high self-esteem is to be successful at something you perceived to be difficult.  Unless kids are consistently engaged in challenging work, they will lose the motivation to work  hard."  ~ Dr. Sylvia Rim


According to Susan Winebrenner, differentiating learning for gifted students involves adjusting the content, the learning processes, the types of products created and the learning environment through different expectations, places to do their work and assessment practices. 


The 4 C's of Gifted Differentiation



Some thoughts about differentiated programming for gifted learners:



Ideas for Program Differentiation:



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Differentiating Instruction

Differentiating Instruction For Advanced Learners In the Mixed-Ability Classroom

Differentiated Instruction Strategies for Gifted Students



Higher Order Thinking

Divergent Thinking Checklist

Convergent Thinking Skills

Bloom's Revised Taxonomy -Chart


Bloom Sample Question Starters


Bloom's Question Stems


Bloom's Digital Taxonomy


Teaching Strategies


Dare to Differentiate - great website with lots of easy to use strategies


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The Differentiator

WORC Document - Differentiating for Gifted Students


Rich Performance Tasks

Effective Strategies for Able Students

Quick pathways to put Gifted into your classroom

Purposeful Planning     


Susan Winebrenner provides an excellent overview of curriculum compacting in her

 powerpoint presentation.