Who Is Nobody?




Haven’t you heard?


Nobody is a new, very special member of our S.O.A.R. class!


Who Is Nobody is a unique program designed to build character through helping other living things. This service learning project helps develop social responsibility and leadership skills.


To learn more about this wonderful service learning project from a parent's perspective see the following article . 




In October a special suitcase arrived and inside was Nobody. Our Nobody has no home, has no family, has no character, and our job is to change all of that!


Through an independent action plan, each student will help Nobody become Somebody, somebody very special. As Nobody helps us help others he will have a token attached to him to remind him of how special he is.


Please help Nobody become Somebody by following the 5 steps of service learning:


1. Investigate

2.  Fact-Find

3.  Plan

4.  Demonstrate

5.  Reflect