Be A Giraffe







Listen to the Giraffe Tall Tale


Stick your neck out and help a living thing - a person, an animal or the environment.  Look outside your own front door. What do you see?




INVESTIGATE problemtuities and identify situations that are in need of improvement. Be observant and ask questions.

Is there something in your community or the world that does not seem fair or just to you? Is there something that makes you upset or angry? This is your opportunity to do something to help somebody!


COMPILE a list of at least 5 needs or problems that you feel are important.


CHOOSE the problem that interests you the most. Make a choice based on your experiences, interests and abilities.


ASK   Why does this living thing need my help?



Everybody can do something. If you do something you are making a difference. It's great if it's a big splashy thing, but it doesn't have to be. Small deeds can have a big impact. The key thing is to do something!


"What you do may seem terribly insignificant, but it is terribly important that you do it anyway."

~Mahata Gandhi