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Battle of the Books

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   Oh,The Places You’ll Go!   



The more that you read,

the more things you’ll know.

The more that you learn,

the more places you’ll go.

~ Dr. Seuss~




Do you dream of traveling to exciting places, meeting fascinating people and participating in

wonderful adventures?  Do you enjoy an exciting challenge that will flex your intellectual muscle? 

Battle of the Books is the challenge you have been waiting for! 



Battle of the Books Challenge


     Battle of the Books is a competition which tests your knowledge of books. Teams of three or four students take turns trying to identify the titles and authors of books from questions about characters, plot or setting in round robin tournaments. The teams with the highest point total from each class will compete in the Grand Battle of the Books in May. So what are you waiting for? Get reading and get battling!


Battle Preparation:


"In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through,

but rather how many can get through to you."


~Mortimer Adler~ 


Students will form Battle Teams consisting of three or four members. Members will collaborate by commenting on each book that is read on your team's Battle of the Books Wiki page.

 Mrs. Empson's Class Battle Teams



Rules of Battle: 


Teams will consist of three or four students. Each team will chose a name and create a group cheer. Teams need to collaborate by reading and sharing information on the books they read from the Battle 

Booklist. One team member should be chosen to be the spokesperson. While the team is encouraged to quietly discuss the possible answer, all answers will be given through that person only.


Note: This competition takes place in the context of good sportsmanship and mutual respect. Any team demonstrating poor sportsmanship will not be invited to participate in the Grand Battle.




Each game will consist of 20 questions. After a practice question, each team will be asked 10 battle questions per round. The questions will be addressed to the teams alternately, regardless of which team gave the last correct answer.



The team has 30 seconds in which to give the correct title and author’s surname. The question will be asked once and then the timing will start. During this time, the team may have the question repeated as many times as they wish but this will cut into the allotted time to provide an answer. The team may give a maximum of three title and three author guesses per question via the spokesperson. If at the end of thirty seconds, the team is unable to answer the question correctly, the opposing team has the chance to respond immediately.




* 5 points are awarded for the exact title

* 3 points are scored for the correct surname of the author

* 2 points are scored when the opposing team answers the correct title

* 1 point is scored when the opposing team answers the correct author’s surname

* a cumulative score will be kept for each team with the final score announced at the   

   end of the round robins

* in the event of a tie, teams will be asked alternate sets of questions until the tie is


*  two teams from each class will proceed to the Grand Battle





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